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Don’t Mess With Croydon

As a sustainable events agency based in the heart of Croydon, the Muon Events’ team is always on the lookout for ways that we can make our local environment cleaner and greener. This month, our attention has been caught by Croydon Council’s “Don’t Mess With Croydon” campaign, launched in 2015 to encourage local residents and businesses to take action on reducing litter and reporting fly tipping. The campaign is staffed by an army of over 300 community volunteers, who give their time and energy to encourage residents and businesses to recycle more, manage their waste responsibly and reduce instances of environmental crime.

The Council has also invested around £1.3 million in street cleaning services, including 80 Bigbelly rubbish bins. These smart, solar powered bins can compress their contents, increasing the unit’s capacity to 6 times its original space. The bin sends a text and an email alert message over wifi when it is full and needs emptying. Bigbelly units have reduced the number of times that traditional bins need emptying, from 10,000 times a year typically to 2,661 times in 2017. A great innovation that saves the Council money as well as helping to keep local streets clean.

This weekend, from Friday 2nd March until Sunday 4th March 2018, the Don’t Mess With Croydon campaign will be promoting the annual “Great British Spring Clean.” The theme this year is Heroes, gathering Litter Heroes from across the country to come together to help clean up their local environment.

We are proud to be local Litter Heroes, doing our part to make Croydon a cleaner and greener borough for all those who enjoy living and working here. To help the Don’t Mess With Croydon campaign, call the fly-tipping hotline on 0208 604 7000 or email

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